Friday, January 16, 2015

Final Exam

Exploring Technology has shown me some useful sites and tools, one of them being Google Drive (or Google Docs), that is a tool and skill I will use after Highschool.  Basically the idea of it is to write and share files either within the office, or to just keep to yourself until needed without the use of the HDD in your computer.  The tool offers a Microsoft Office clone that will let you create and share files for programs like Excel, Word, and Powerpoint; An efficently I might add.  And as far as something I used and will probably never use again would be most likely bloglines, personally i found it hard to follow, also it doesn't have anything to offer to make me want to go back to it, unlike the Google Drive.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

topic of choice

    Since I have free reign on this post, I'm going write about christmas and what I know Im already getting, First off the big gift, i bought myself a PS4 for christmas, and it also came with GTA V for it and I heard it has a cool first person option to play it as if it were a MMO like Call of Duty and Halo.  I already had this game before for the xbox 360 but that is getting sold for $150 this week, so with that I'm going to buy a online pass and possible the game The Crew. but other then that i saw a box from Jegs motorsports with my name on it but who knows whats inside!

Basshead out!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Special Ability

I have a natural talent to drift, throwing cars sideways in the snow is literally so much fun.  My road is always a solid sheet of ice, so its pretty easy to get the car sideways but the fun and difficult part is getting it going straight again around a corner and that is were my natural talent begins to come into play.  From this blog post you might not think I'm a good driver but trust me when I say this I only drift in parking lots and back country roads; no high traffic areas. High traffic areas are too sketchy

Basshead out!

Monday, November 17, 2014

New Technology

Technology is all you hear about now-a-days, "Iphone 6 this, Iphone 6 that" everyone is talking about how great that phone is, however I can't afford all this tech.  Like Iphone 6?! I still have the Iphone 4, and not even the 4s.... Apple needs to slow down with there new products, people hardly have time to learn how to use the first product before the new ones are on the shelf.  Companys like this make it hard, for even our tech savvy generation.  Children have more and more interaction with technology as the years go by, my 2 year old nephew can run a cell phone better then I can.

BassHead out!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dull Evening

     My personal idea of a dull evening is when you ask Kaitlyn for a Romantic fajita dinner and she shoots you down, even after you tell her you'll bring candles and rose petals.  That all leads to a pretty boring night all alone on the couch, eating ice cream and crying.  She broke both, Mine and Jason's hearts.  And I'm sure if Kyle were here his heart would be broken as well.  Although we still will continue to love Kaitlyn she probably not ever love us back. </3


Monday, November 3, 2014

Why is being honest important?

    Honesty is the "best policy" but most of the time it leads to heart ache and pain for the person on the other end, Yes I tell the truth but I will also lie a little here and there to spare some feelings.  I will tell the truth when it really needs to be heard by that person, but if I truely know deep down it will hurt them in any way, shape, or form I will keep a little secret and leave a little white lie in its place.  That's how much I care.  People's feelings matter to me, I want to make people feel good not bad.  As far as lying to teachers I see no point because they assume if you dont have your work you didn't do it anyways, with most of the time is the case for me, but also there are the situations where I acutally do the assignment and just can't find it at the time... really gets irritating.  You know what they say about assuming? well feel free to look that up sometime because I don't like being made a fool! and the saying isn't appropriate.
Basshead Out!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Truck Blog #5

Ole' Blue
       When I can afford it, I drive a truck, it is a 1986 Chevy Silverado sitting on 33" BF goodwrench all terrains; it has a 6" BDS lift with a Edlebrock crate motor, 355 Ci to be exact.  This truck has gotten me where ever I needed to go, whenever I needed to be there.  The only downfall to the truck is the MPG; it gets around 8-10 MPG maybe 10 on a good day, it cost me just under $6.00 just to drive it to school a day.  I don't make enough on minimum wage to support a gas bill that large, so I bought a car last summer.